Amit Shah got corona due to which he was admitted to AIIMS


Union Home Minister Amit Shah has been admitted once again to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi, he has been admitted late at night after having trouble breathing.

Amit Shah was found infected with Corona in the recent past, however, after getting negative after the treatment, Amit Shah was discharged from the hospital.

It is being told that he has been suffering from breathlessness only after Corona, according to the source to date, an AIIMS carpenter said that it would be better for some time that Amit Shah Hospital will stay in the hospital, where he should be kept under observation to treat him. To be done at present, Amit Shah has been found in the AIIMS cardio department that Amit Shah was found corona positive on 2 August last month.

After which he was admitted to Maidanatha of Gurugram, on August 18, his corona test came negative.

However, 4 days later, ie, on 14 August Tariq was admitted to AIIMS for post COVID care, during that time he also took up the work of the ministry from the hospital. Was sold out again

He was admitted to AIIMS, however, a few days later, Amit Shah’s health deteriorated again, then he was admitted again in AIIMS when he complained of mild fever after which he was treated at AIIMS after about 12 days of discharge from AIIMS. It was done and now once again Amit shah health hasdeteriorated due to which he has been admitted to AIIMS again.


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