Happy Teachers Day


This day is the birthday of the second President of India,
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a teacher as a teacher.
This teacher’s day is celebrated in India since 5 September 1962

Well, Day 5 is celebrated in October, but due to how the teacher gives shape to the life of the students, due to which it is celebrated on 5 September in India.

Today, 5th December is the day we celebrate this day together with our teachers and the day we work with great teachers, because the way we all celebrate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day is the way we celebrate Teacher’s day

Because we give all the children a good education after our parents, then the teachers who always think for our good, this is the day on which all the students for all teachers do music or dance activities and on this day all Students also give a gift or a greeting card for teachers.
We are a teacher in the lives of all our students, we see a good path, because of which all our students reach the name of their teacher along with themselves in their lives.
Some great teachers are honorable by the government on Teachers’ day.

Various types of activity and work programs are organized in schools on Teachers’ Day.
Students send their teachers gifts, greeting cards, video audio messages, emails, etc. they congratulate Teacher’s day.
Teachers do not just give us bookish knowledge but help to make us good people.

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