Elephant killed in Kerala, in which an elephant was killed by feeding a pineapple with a cracker.


Friends, I want to tell you about the shameful handiwork in Kerala today, when a hungry elephant is fed a pineapple full of crackers, then the fruit dies like a burst of fire, while the crackers burst and the hand dies. This incident makes people more embarrassed when it comes to knowing that along with that elephant, the child in her womb also lost her life.

And this incident is from Malappuram village in northern Kerala.
Where a female elephant wanders in search of food, she comes to a village near Jangal and for many days she wanders around that village hungry stomach. Then some very poor people fed the elephant a pineapple filled with crackers. Because of which those firecrackers exploded as soon as they went into the mouth of the elephant, due to which the pregnant handgun was badly injured, although she was still trying to live for her survivor.

Whereas if she wanted to get pregnant, she could destroy the village. But she did not do it at all, she was completely calm. And when the pain of her wound did not subside, then she would stand in the river Valliad river. Because she felt that she would be kept with cold water, she stood pregnant in water for 3 days, and then when the forest department’s rescue was taken to her, she died on the way and also with her The unborn child was also lost.

And because of this, the economy was once again embarrassed. But friends, we humans will have to understand that if we stop messing with nature, if cookie wants to take revenge then we cannot even imagine what could happen. So friends stop messing with nature“.

Shame on such a person who does not leave even a child to remember, she is an idiot, she will not fight but she will take revenge but you will wait; she will say everything to her God. Do not insult so much with the nature of earth because time will come and go But if you remember to like this, it will come back again by 2020.


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