Franklin D. Roosevelt


Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the most prominent leaders of the United States of America, he was the first president who was elected for four terms, from 1933-1945 to 21 Act orders after which more than two presidents could not be chosen. He became a president at a time when America was struggling a lot, the Great Depression was in its policies, this is why so many people charged them with Democrats Despite these there was a lot of resistance from the under, even though they implemented policies.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Whenever it comes to the 3 best presidents, he is named George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt and Roosevelt was his father’s surname name, Delano was his mother’s surname name. This is Bhat Inspiration, you know that you will be surprised to know that he had polio by 1921, half of his body was thoroughly appreciated, yet he did not show this thing in public as a poet.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in New York on Jan 30, 1862, as I told that both his mother and father were very wealthy, meaning Landowner was a family, as I told him that his grandfather was a well enough grounds was the son of James Roosevelt 1 and were Sara Ann Delano and these looked more like his name. Who these two Roosevelt and Delano cousins were, you know their mother took too much of them? Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom he married, was Anna Eleanor Roosevelt who himself was a political figure and was also his cousin.

Theodore Roosevelt                                      Eleanor Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was also a president, who had a big mustache and good moths. His cousin was Franklin D. Roosevelt. His niece was Eleanor Roosevelt who was married to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt

You must know that there are two parties in America, democrats, and republican Theodore Roosevelt was Republican and Franklin D Roosevelt A Democrat.


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